Our swimming pool exercise equipment, or aquatic therapy equipment, is on the cutting edge of water and exercise technology and will transform your swimming pool into a "liquid gym"! So if you are looking for the best way to exercise in the pool, then the use of swimming pool training equipment is your best bet.


AqquaPRO Bike


Our AquaPRO spin bike is perfect for:

  • gyms
  • training centers
  • community centers
  • swim clubs
  • and country clubs

Our aqua bikes are perfect for facilities wanting to offer members a chance to train safely with low impact group traning. Also, our swimming pool bikes are perfect for the classes with members 60+ years of age. Contact Us today to learn about group packe rate specials for your trainng facility. Visit our Benefits section to see the many exercises that can be performed in addition to aquatic walking!

More about our equipment:

Stationary aquatic bike (aqua spin bike), recommended for swimming pool spinning, fitness training, rehabilitation activities or just for fun. Our PRO stationary aquatic bike has just the right dimensions to enable management in smaller pools. The resistive pedal was designed to make pedalling more fluid, efficient, and comfortable. The saddle-handlebar angle ensures the best position during use and pedal geometry, excluding horizontal adjustments of the seat.

Aqua cycling, often referred to as aqua spinning, is quickly becoming the fitness choice of health professionals everywhere! The low impact benefits include lean muscle-building, increased calorie burn, cellulite reduction and more! This also provides a therapeutic benefit of cycling in the water while enjoying the scenic outdoors.

+ Constructed from marine grade stainless steel.

+ Specially designed resistive pedals ensure greater resistance the faster you pedal.

+ Fully adjustable for height and reach; comfortable and durable saddle.

+ Rubber wheels attached to the base allows the bike to be lowered into or removed from the pool easily.

Item # AFA 0013

Material: Stainless Steel 316L

Size: 24 x 40 x 36(h) inches

Water Depth: 40 to 55 inches

Resistance: Resistive Pedals

Weight: 40 lbs

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