Our swimming pool exercise equipment, or aquatic therapy equipment, is on the cutting edge of water and exercise technology and will transform your swimming pool into a "liquid gym"! So if you are looking for the best way to exercise in the pool, then the use of swimming pool training equipment is your best bet.


AqquaPRO Treadmill


Our AquaPRO Treadmill is perfect for:

  • gyms
  • training centers
  • community centers
  • swim clubs
  • and country clubs

Our aqua treadmills are perfect for facilities wanting to offer members a chance to train safely with low impact group water based traning. Also, our swimming pool treadmills are perfect for the classes with members 60+ years of age. Contact Us today to learn about group packe rate specials for your trainng facility. Visit our Benefits section to see the many exercises that can be performed in addition to aquatic walking!

More about our equipment:

Mechanical treadmill for use in water, designed for aqua walking and aqua running. Ideal for individual or group workouts. The dimensions and weight are perfect for pools of almost any size. Strong belt, ideal for spa pools or when the treadmill must stay in the water for extended periods of time.

+ Ideal for fitness training, rehabilitation activities and low impact exercise. Can be used to perform numerous exercises such as crunches, dips etc.

+ Stable, reliable, smooth belt movement, requiring minimal maintenance.

+ Fold up for easy storage when out of the water.

Item # AFA 0014

View the AqquaWALKING Treadmill Manual here.

Material: Stainless Steel 316L

Size: 23 x 56 x 50(h) inches

Water Depth: 40 to 55 inches

Incline: 13°

Weight: 55 lbs

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