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Designing Your AqquaACTIVE Bike Exercise Program

Aquatic Exercise BikeFor best results, a complete exercise program should always include 3 components: a warm up, an aerobic/exercise phase, and a cool-down.

WARM UP for 10-15 minutes to acclimate your body to the temperature of the water. It activates your cardiovascular and neuromuscular systems and prepares them for action. It will also elevate your heart rate. This phase should be structured to involve all of your muscles, thus avoiding any injury during the aerobic/exercise phase.

AEROBIC/EXERCISE PHASE should last 25-35 minutes. An effective exercise phase can be composed by mixing up the various positions with different motions or positions.

POSITION 1: With the water level between waist and chest high, Position 1 can be accomplished by simply walking vertical and posture straight, with your hands resting on the handlebar.

POSITION 2: Lower your body in the water and rest your forearms on the handlebar. You should be in a leaned over position with emphasis on a harder lower body stride.

POSITION 3: Maintain a vertical walking stride with hands free from the handlebar. This position allows for a concentrated upper body workout.

POSITION 4: With your hands holding on to the sides of the handle rail, elevate and float your legs out in front of you keeping them straight. This position will allow you to concentrate on a serious abdominal workout.

COOL DOWN for 5-10 minutes. Your cool down phase should be a sequence of movements aimed at lengthening and stretching all of the muscle groups. The aim of this phase is to lower your elevated heart rate and reduce lactic acid buildup accumulated in the exercise phase.


Importance of Posture on your AqquaWALKING Treadmill

Aquatic Exercise Treadmill When you are using your AqquaWALKING Treadmill avoid looking up on the treadmill, as this will overload your neck muscles and compromise your posture. Your shoulders should remain relaxed and your hands should be placed on the handlebar. A stron

g gripping movement is not necessary. Your hips should be parallel and aligned with your shoulders. An effort should be made to keep a steady, even stride. Your knees should be parallel and aligned with your hips. You should walk with a regular stride, executing a continuous heel to toe movement.

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