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Aqquatix Customer Testimonials


Video Testimonial from Dr. Norman Gaylis.

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Dr. Norman Gaylis' Testimonial


Video Testimonial from Country Music Legend TG Sheppard


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"I am hoping this email finds you well. First off, me and the rest of the staff that participated in the workshop, would like to thank you for taking the time and consideration to working with us.

In regards to the workshop, I believe I speak for everyone when I say it was a great experience. The product in itself is amazing, but Fabrizio has a unique way of going about the details and possibilities that truly gets you hooked to it. Just everything he said oozed passion and had us very curious and excited.

The training itself was unbelievable! None of us had any idea how hard that bike could kick our butts, and we had competitive level swimmers, swimming instructors and personal trainers of varied training styles.

It was a great experience and you have got an excellent product for Fitness and health, along with a great instructor to teach it. Thank you for everything. If we have any questions, we will be sure to contact you. Happy holidays!"

- Eduardo Pichardo, Fitness Supervisor for Body Shop Athletic Club

"I love both the treadmill and the bike. We have everyone using them and they love the exercises and the results. We will be ordering more of the bikes as the demand is high. Thank you AqquatixUSA."

- Ed Wiles, Aquatic Director at Fort Bliss US Army Base, Texas

”We cannot keep out fitness clients off the bike and treadmill – Fantastic!”

- Ed Dellert, CEO of Swim Fitness, Sparta, NJ

”We enjoy using the bikes and treadmills daily.”

- Sherry Powell, Aquatic Director at 29 Palms Marine Base, CA

“Aquatics is an integral component to Marine Corp. fitness and readiness. The bike and treadmill have augmented our fitness program for many segments of our population, from family members to active duty marines”

- Donna Morsi, Program Manager, Community Rec., Skills Development, Aquatics for Headquarters Marine Corp.

”Our members use the treadmills daily and they absolutely love them. Thank you AqquatixUSA.”

- Jack Brierton, Aquatics Director, Naval Station San Diego

”I am elated with both the treadmills and the bikes. They are being used daily by all types of people, from rehab to tri-athletes. Because of the low-impact, people who normally cannot exercise on land are now exercising in the water and best of all, they are loving it!”

- Charlie Paul, Director of Aquatics for the community pool at the Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO

”We use the bike and treadmill for interval training in the swimming pool, to build up endurance and flexibility. It also helps our seniors to avoid stress on their joints. What a great product!”

- Jessica Swenson, Lifeguard Supervisor, Camp Pendleton Marine Corp Base, San Diego, CA

”The AqquatixUSA treadmill and bike give our members another choice and offer variety to accommodate their fitness and orthopedic needs. They love it!”

- Kelly Wiseman, Health and Fitness Manager, The Polo Club, Boca Raton, Florida

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